About Lemon and Lime

I'm Adam Levy and as anybody who knows me will vouch for, I love food. Eating it, cooking it, growing it, presenting it, talking about it, watching programs about it on TV. I particularly enjoy cooking with the freshest ingredients possible, whether its vegetables from my garden or a fish that was caught only that morning, nothing beats fresh food.

Lemon and Lime started in 2011 and is the next step of my ever increasing obsession with food and is a collection of the dishes that I love cooking and I love eating. I've enjoyed cooking since I was in secondary school, but really got more and more enthusiastic about it during University at Manchester Met - it's amazing what having to fend for yourself does for your culinary skills. 

Most of recipes on this blog are my own, whether 100% original or inspired by recipes from books or websites that I have read. I have also featured some of my favourite recipes from other site, when I see a perfect recipe why bother changing it?

I'm quite new to this whole blogging thing and am always looking to improve my blog, so any comments would be very welcome - feel free to get in touch

I hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired by some of the recipes.

All photos © LemonandLime