Monday, 18 July 2011

How to Fillet a Small Round Fish

I generally prefer eating small round fish such as mackerel, seabass, herrings and bream in fillets rather than whole. I love the combination of the crispy skin and delecate flaky flesh that is much easier to get when cooking fillets. Small round fish are perfect for this because the skin is so thin that it renders down very quickly from its own natural oils.

I think the best way to show you this technique is to link to a couple of videos that I found very useful when I was learning how to fillet fish. The first method uses mackerel. I particulatly love mackerel and even though it only needs a couple of minutes cooking, the skin is so thin that it still manages to get perfectly crispy in that time.

The second method uses bream and whilst both methods work very well for the smaller fish such as mackerel and herrings, go for this one if you are filleting a larger fish such as bream or a large wild bass.

Sorry for just giving you the link rather than the actual video for the first method, but this is the best video for this method that i have found and it doesn't let me embed it into the website.
Here's the second method:

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